About my work life

I’m currently a Principal Software Engineer at Invertbio.com (YC W22). Previously, I was working in Berlin as the Head of ML Engineering for Zalando SE. I’m an experienced tech leader in the fields of data, analytics and machine learning / artificial intelligence systems at different company sizes. I’ve worked in deep tech (Verisign, Inc.), consumer tech (Zalando SE and Craftsvilla.com), and consulting (Gramener.com).

Areas of interest

I have a strong academic computer science and mathematics background. I am deeply passionate about philosophy, anthropology, game theory, political science, bitcoin, quantum mechanics, world history, psychology, macroeconomics, markets, culture, cinema and art.


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News & updates

August 2022 — Melchior and I are doing a course on quantum information theory offered by KAIST on Coursera. Follow our progress in my blog post.

July 2021 — My GarageBand single Pawn To E4 is out on all streaming websites, including on YouTube.

July 2020 — My first victory against Scott in a game of Chess, read the full story.

December 2019 — I spoke at AWS re:Invent 2019 about machine learning at Zalando. The talk is on YouTube.