FermLab: The Game 1.0

Do you have what it takes to manage lab resources and become the best bio mfg? (This game was generated by Claude 3.5 Sonnet with as little as 3 prompts).

Level: 1 | XP: 0/ 10 | Batches: 0
Bacteria: 10 | Nutrients: 10
Auto-Fermenters: 0 | XP Boosters: 0

How to Play:

  1. Click 'Ferment Batch' to start fermenting pharmaceuticals.
  2. Each fermentation requires bacteria and nutrient.
  3. Complete batches to gain XP and level up.
  4. Use 'Research' to gain more bacteria and nutrients.
  5. Buy Auto-Fermenters to automate the process.
  6. Buy XP Boosters to increase XP gain.
  7. Reach level 20 to become a master pharmaceutical manufacturer and win the game!