One Day In Bangkok

Khao San Road, Wat Pho temple, and Chao Phraya River

The capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand, Krung Thep, or Bangkok is as warm and welcoming as it gets.

The Don Mueang Airport

One of the many 7-eleven stores in Thailand. You find these everywhere!

A Tuk Tuk driver is satisfied with his day. Lots of tourists prefer to travel by Tuk Tuks through old town Bangkok.

Shopping begins at the Khao San Road. A shopkeeper looks on as customers choose and bargain.

The architecture of structures in the heart of Bangkok, including The Grand Palace, have distinctly gold lit stupas and a sense of rich historical past to it.

Shopkeepers and merchants get ready early in the morning for a long day ahead involving wooing foreign customers, handling bargaining and ensuring good sales.

A Tuk Tuk driver looks on hoping for tourists to give him the first sale of the day.

In the Wat Pho temple, Buddhism lives strong and happy.

Magnificent Stupas, Buddha figurines and tourists make a regular day at the Wat Pho temple in the heart of Bangkok.

The Buddha in the Wat Pho Temple.

People look on through the windows of a local bus.

Street vendors are all around the town.

The Chao Phraya river, a lifeline to many many citizens of this great city.

Bangkok, see you again someday!

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